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Top five little hiking helpers

1 Handkerchief

2 Steri Pen

3 Head lamp

4 Mini drybags Drybags come in all sorts of sizes and I personally use different sizes that I found useful as a clothing bag, my food bag and my electronics bag. But I’ve also recently discovered that I am a huge fan of compartmentalizing my pack. I love how dry bags feel and prefer how they close over e.g. zip lock bags. Using them to keep my pack organized and to tidy my camp somehow makes me feel more on top of things when I pack and more at home when I unpack. Hygge on the trail!

5 Snacks

Honourable Mention: Trekking Poles

here). As they increase comfort whilst walking massively for me, they are my choice for the honourable sixth item on this list. They’re a helper for walking longer, faster and with less impact on my body. And twirling and flailing them around cheers me up. Give the review of my Karrimor Carbon Walking Poles a read here before you go.

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