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How not to be inspired and something about chocolate

From excitement to doubts and back again I very easily find myself excited by new ideas and love it when my wild enthusiasm catches on. I don’t consider myself a quitter, however, I am a doubter.

Inspiration indigestion Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t take anything away from the events, quite the contrary, I learned a lot. But they didn’t fill me with the drive I had hoped they would. What they did was to increase the doubts and made me feel like a fraud. And that was by no means the fault of the event hosts. It was me, overlooking that what I did was going against my grain. As the introvert that I am, it was a simple matter of input overload. I hadn’t given myself enough time to process and take on board what I heard. And that’s the trick, really, not only for introverts. You can expose yourself to as much inspiration and knowledge as you want. If you don’t digest it, analyse it and apply it to your situation, most of it will be lost and chances are that the inspiration-spree isn’t very sustainable. Just seeking out input for the sake of input will probably not do as much as intentionally taking things on board after you have modified them to fit your situation and needs.

Why inspiration is like chocolate For me, there is indeed a parallel. Just like inspiration cannot replace habit, it can also not replace self-validation. Outside constructs will never catch on properly if the structures from within aren’t firm and stable. And these structures are something inspiration from something cannot provide, it has to come from within.

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