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Getting ready for National Get Outside Day – 10 tips for your mini maxi adventure

1. Walk home Have you ever wondered how it feels to get yourself home from somewhere when you have just your body to achieve that? Time to find out. Depending on what your life looks like, the distances and your capacity, pick a spot that you frequently spend time at and then walk yourself home. Spots could be your workplace, the area where you follow your hobby, the place where your family lives or where you originally come from.

3. Go somewhere local you have never been before Use National Get Outside Day to find a local gem that you haven’t explored before. Uncover places in your area you never went to.

4. Cowboy camp / star gazing It is admittedly getting a little cold for proper cowboy camping, but if the weather permits spending a night under the stars – and only the stars – is a beautiful way to get outside. Even if you have to crawl into your warm tent or car after a little while and you don’t actually sleep under the stars.

6. Have a social in the great outdoors Multiply the numbers of participants by bringing your family and friends outside, too. Get together with your people on a picknick, a barbeque, a volleyball match or some rounds of frisbee. Or just sit by the river and have some snacks and drinks with your loved ones. Bring something to sit on and a blanket to wrap around you and your social outdoors can last just as long as your socials in the pub.

8. Do a 24-hour challenge Get ambitious and challenge yourself to get as many kilometres or different activities or scenic spots done as you possibly can in 24 hours. Challenge your friends and family, your followers or your sports team to join in as well.

10. Mix it up Keep it fresh by shaking things up! Are you a keen walker – go on a bike trip. Are you a cyclist – use a paddle boat. Are you a watersports person – climb a mountain. Are you a camper – rent a tree house. Are you a tent person – borrow a hammock. You get the idea. Get outside, literally, but also by leaving your comfort zone.

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