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Disneybounding Part III

An outfit for every park day We stayed in Orlando for 11 days but we didn’t go to a Disney Park on all of the days. We started and finished our trip in Magic Kingdom, visited all the other parks in between, ventured out to Kennedy Space Centre and stayed put in our resort on two days. But for every day that we spent in the parks, I had a different Disneybounding outfit.

Afterthoughts When I read about Disneybounding for the first time, I was immediately attracted to the concept and thought this was going to be fun. And, you might have guessed it, so it was! I enjoyed my Disneybounding experience so much and I would do it again if I were ever to visit a Disney Park again. I have learned a lot about practicality and what I like and don’t like in the parks, but generally, I didn’t have complete failures because of how simple I kept it. Keeping it simple will surely mean that you get recognised a lot less but it also makes for more wearable outfits. All the outfits I wore to the parks I would totally wear in everyday life, as a combo or the individual items. I loved Disneybounding and I am thrilled that I got to try it for myself. What an experience. That said, Disney itself was not all butterflies, rainbows and kittens. I came back from this trip very, very confused. Writing about Disneybounding highlights the most pleasant aspects of the trip. To me, it is equally as important to highlight that there is a more critical perspective to be had as well. Have a read of my more processed thoughts about Walt Disney World soon.

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