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2018 Year of Books – Part One: All the books I’ve read so far

I am reading. Are you? At the beginning of the year, I set a New Year’s resolution to read more. I finished 12 books so far and completely rekindled a passion for reading. Also, I switched over to a Kindle earlier this year so that all the new books are not taking up space or burning through too many resources. I have another 6 physical books on my list for this year and an addition of two audiobooks. But let’s get back to those in part two. Here’s the lot of those I already read.  I shall give them to you starting with the one I liked the least all the way through to the one I liked best, even though there was no book amongst those that I strongly disliked. Maybe it's inspiring for you if you're looking for your next read to pick up.

Books I have read so far

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